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Starches converting to sugar--good/bad for cancer diet?
Hello--Thank you so much for this site.  (I came here again to ask a specific question, but have found a LOT of other useful info as I normally do!)    My question:  My dear friend...
Fat Deficient?
In recent conversations regarding dietary fat and the pursuit of "good fats", I often mention that it is virtually impossible to be fat deficient - regardless how fat-free one trie...

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​A decline in stroke risk is associated with increased intake of diets rich in fiber, especially fruit and vegetable fiber, in healthy adults.

​Frequent consumers of fatty foods, especially fats from red meat and dairy products, are much more prone to develop pancreatic cancer.

​Postmenopausal women on high-fat diets may have a high tendency of developing invasive breast cancer.

​Frequent consumption of raw and cooked garlic may help cut down colorectal and stomach cancer risk.

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Sean Carney posted a comment in Milk Makes Estrogen Levels Rise
Thank you Deborah. Dr. Carney is grateful for your reply. :-)
Jen posted a comment in Milk Makes Estrogen Levels Rise
Wonderful article. I recently (last 2 to 3 weeks) stopped consumption of dairy. Previously I was c...
Deborah posted a comment in Milk Makes Estrogen Levels Rise
Hi Goldie; Until Dr. Carney has the chance to respond, here are some more of her articles that may ...