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Cardiovascular Mortality   Tumor   Carnitine   Trimethylanimuria   Fish Odour   HDL   LDL   Bone Fractures   Nuts   Body Weight   Egg Yolk   Vascular Inflammation   Pulses   Canned Beans   Cooked Beans   Plaque Disruption   Diabetes Mellitus   Glycogen Synthesis   Myocardial Infarction   Dietary Calcium   Calcium Supplements   Ischemic Attack   Cognitive Function   CABG Surgery   Plaque Rupture   Local Inflammation   Systemic Inflammation   Early Eaters   Late Eaters   Food Timing   Vitamin B   Childhood Obesity   School Breakfast   Double Breakfast   Onions   Apples   Flavonoids   Antioxidant Vitamins   Blood Sugar   Bran   Germ   Walnut   Polyunsaturated Fat   Monounsaturated Fat   Meat Fats   Cereal Fiber   C-reactive Protein   Wine   TMAO Supplements   Reproduction   Phosphatidylcholine   TMAO   TMA   Intestinal Microbes   Fasting Insulin   Fasting Glucose   GCKR   Europeans   Postprandial   Dinner   Endothelium   Coronary Atherosclerosis   Psychosocial Support   Hunger Scores   Satiety Scores   Low Calorie   High Calorie   Phthalates   Learning Disability   Attention Deficit   Glucose Metabolism   Phytochemicals   Overweight   Organophosphate Pesticides   Diakyl Phosphate   Dimethylthiophosphate   Dimethyl Alkylphosphate   Vasodilatation   Lecithin   L-Carnitine   Renal Disorders   Betaine   Heart Failure   Non-Vegetarian   Gut Microbes   Roseburia   Bacteroides   Eubacterium Rectale   Animal Products   Endometrial Cancer   Black Men   White Men   Ovarian Cancer   Refined Carbohydrate   Flesh   Lymphatic Organs   Healthy Diets   Drinker Diets   Gastrointestinal Cancer   High Cholesterol   Beta-Carotene   Miso Soup   Genistein   Fructose   Sucrose   Lycopene   Margarine   Phytoestrogens   Lignans   Bone Fracture   Coffee   Lutein   Zeaxanthin   Beta Xanthin   Dietary Folate   Folate Supplements   Statins   Mediterranean Diets   Folate   Refined Grains   Breakfast Cereals   CVD Mortality   Hypercholesterolemia   Tofu   Soybean Products   Dietary Magnesium   Green Vegetables   Starchy Foods   Rheumatoid Arthritis   Beta Cryptoxanthin   Miso   Gynecological Cancer   Prudent Diets   French Fries   Desserts   COPD   Red Meats   Cured Meats   Lactose   Pork   Garlic   Allium Vegetables   Leeks   Scallions   Chives   Renal Cancer   Onion   Vegetable Fiber   Leek   Scallot   Chinese Chive   Welsh Onion   Rectal Cancer   Phthalate Esters   Environmental Estrogens   Aflatoxin   Ejaculate Volume   Reproductive Health   Tomatoes   Apricots   Peaches   Spam   Bacon   Hot Dog   CHD   Sweets   Trans Fats   PUFAs   Beer   Laryngeal Cancer   Beef   Sausage   Dietary Antioxidants   Diverticular Disease   Vegetarian Diets   Total Cancer   Vegan Diets   Strict Vegetarians   Semi Vegetarians   Lactoovo Vegetarians   Vegans   Lamb   White Rice   Brown Rice   Esophageal Cancer   Gall Stone   Wholemeal Bread   Cerebrovascular Disease   Cooked Meat   Plant Foods   Carotenoids   Kidney Cancer   Tomotoes   Salty Foods   Salted Meat   Salted Fish   Miners   Oral Cancer   Oropharyngeal Cancer   Tobacco Smoking   Tobacco   Pharyngeal Cancer   Neck Cancer   Citrus Fruit   Cruciferous Vegetable   Peridontitis   Head Cancer   Colorectal Neoplasms   Fruits   Spirits   Parkinson Disease   Anthocyanins   CAD   Hepatocellular Cancer   Glioma   Vitamin E   Carrot   Butter   Healthy Foods   Cancer Mortality   Respiratory Mortality   Root Vegetables   Esophageal Adenocarcinoma   Glycemic Control   Sweetened Beverages   Biliary Cancer   Preserved Vegetables   Vegan Diet   Lipid Profile   Glycated Hemoglobin   Fried Food   Fried Foods   Doughnuts   Fried Fish   Gastrointestinal Neoplasm   Antioxidants   Nitroso Compounds   Low Fiber   Liver Disease   Venous Thromboembolism   Antioxidant Supplements   Betacarotene Supplements   Smokers   Non-Smokers   Asbestos Workers   Skin Cancer   Vitamin Supplements   Selenium Supplements   Zinc Supplements   Beta Carotene   Total Carotene   Folic Acid   Antioxidant Minerals   Macular Degeneration   AMD   Viamin E   Symptomatic Osteoarthritis   Knee Osteoarthritis   Soft Drinks   Radiographic Osteoarthritis   Knee Pain   Sugary Beverages   Energy Drinks   Natural Juice   Processed Juice   Artificial Sweetners   Artificial Sweeteners   Fruit Drinks   Water   Sugary Juice   Walnuts   Apple   Blueberry   Flavones   Flavonones   Processed Poultry   Dietary Flavonoids   Melanoma   Nasopharyngeal Cancer   Preserved Foods   Fermented Soys   Orange   Tangerine   Total Stroke   Ischemic Stroke   Hemorrhagic Stroke   Raw Fruits   Colorectal Adenoma   Parkinson's Disease   Postmenopausal Women   Vitamin C   Vitamin A   Alpha Carotene   Selenium   Dairy Calcium   Citrus Fruits   HDL Cholesterol   LDL Cholesterol   Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma   hs CRP   Soluble Fiber   Oat   Psyllium   Cognitive Impairment   Cognitive Decline   Cholecystectomy   Cataract   Dietary Antioxidant   Vitamin K   Dietary Phylloquinone   Triglyceride Levels   Tree Nuts   Cardiovascular Risk   Vascular Enlargement   Spinach   Cerebral Infarction   Cigarette Smoking   Passive Smoking   Secondhand Smoke   Current Smokers   Former Smokers   Crohn’s Disease   Pear   Diabetic Women   Hip Fractures   Spine Fractures   Hip Fracture   Fruit Fiber   Non Smokers   Low Back   Adolescents   Nuclear Cataract   Dietary Lycopene   Plasma Lycopene   Osteoporotic Fracture   Nonhodgkin Lymphoma   Astaxanthin   Healthy Weight   Exercise   Meat Eaters   Duodenal Ulcer   Thyroid Cancer   Dietary Nitrites   Body Fat   Oats   Shell Fish   LDL cholesterol   Premenopausal Women   Raw Garlic   Cooked Garlic

Self-taught career electronics engineer and professional student of School of Heuristic Electronics Technology. Owner and president of Electric Perfection, producing High-End Audiophile Amplifiers and power supplies. Strong interest in natural, renewable energy and minimal - striving for zero-harm compassionate living. Type-1 diabetic with a passion for science, physics, nutrition and health. Enjoys home improvement, automotive and mechanical re-work, upgrades and maintenance. Also enjoys nature, hiking and exploring.

Sean Carney has been an Internet enthusiast since the very early 1990's and his initial interest in the Internet was as a way to disseminate good health information. Now many years later not much has changed! He still believes in the two rules he posted on his cubicle while working on eWorld at Apple Computer in 1994: Rule #1: The Internet is Everything! Rule #2: If the Internet is NOT Everything; Refer to Rule #1 And, Yes, I am open minded!  :-)
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Dr. Carney helps patients prevent and reverse disease through balanced lifestyle changes, including implementing an anti-inflammatory, high fiber, nutrient dense plant-based, Starch-Smart diet.
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