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  about 2 months ago
Thank you, Sue and Deborah for your comments. Yes, so many reasons that our gut microbiome and our over-all health is optimized by avoiding animal protein, and ingesting high-fiber, low-fat unprocessed plant foods. Here is another reference I like:
  about 2 months ago
You are so right, Sue. Thanks for posting your comment.
  about 4 months ago
Hi Mike, Foods that were fermented using lactobacillus are cited in the study above as being correlated with higher rates of cancer. Some members of the fungus family have been scientifically shown to have cancer-protective properties. So I don't think we can blame on on the yeasts or fungi, but on the process of fermentation itself. Since many yeast spores float invisibly in the air, fermenting without contamination by members of the fungal family require rigorous attention to method, which would cut into profits for the food industry. Not likely to be the manner in which fermentation is conducted. Thanks for writing your comments on our site. Dr. Carney
  about 4 months ago
Being in ketosis is not healthy nor is it healing. Being in ketosis does not resolve type 2 diabetes; however,weight loss does. Eating animal protein can never overcome insulin resistance unless you are eating so few calories and such small portions that you are losing weight in spite of eating the animal proteins. Eating animal protein causes insulin resistance, unless weight is lost. Therefore the reversal of insulin resistance is caused by the weight loss, not by the animal protein or the ketosis. The rise in inflammatory markers despite the weight loss and reversal of type 2 diabetes makes animal protein an extremely dangerous way to either lose weight or overcome insulin resistance. Switching to a plant based diet can even help some obese people completely reverse diabetes before they have even lost any weight.
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  about 5 months ago
I am thrilled for Callie's success in reversing her cancer. Pretty good for such an old cat! I am happy that she is vegan and that you all are too.
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